Biden Scorched for Possibly Backing Hamas Dreams in Israel Quip!

President Joe Biden is facing backlash on social media after his X account made a controversial claim regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The account suggested that Israelis and Palestinians could live in peace if it weren’t for Hamas, without acknowledging that Hamas was elected and that a majority of Palestinians actually support the terror group. Additionally, Biden implied that Israel sought the current conflict, which resulted in the tragic deaths of over 1,200 citizens last month.

In a recent post, Biden’s account referenced the Oct. 7 terror attack against Israel and stated that the people of Gaza and the West Bank are seeking peaceful coexistence. The post claimed that Hamas unleashed the attack out of fear of Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in peace.

However, given that a majority of Palestinians support Hamas, Biden’s account faced criticism for overlooking this reality. Many questioned the accuracy and fairness of the post, highlighting that it failed to acknowledge the widespread support for violence and rejection of coexistence among Palestinians.

A poll conducted by the Arab World for Research and Development further revealed troubling sentiments within the Palestinian population. The majority of Palestinians surveyed rejected coexistence with Israel, supported the restoration of “historical Palestine,” and backed the creation of a Palestinian state that encompasses all the land between the river and the sea. The poll also indicated that a significant number of Palestinians believed that Hamas would ultimately defeat Israel in the ongoing conflict.

Critics argue that Biden’s account’s statement oversimplified a complex issue and failed to address the underlying reasons for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The controversy surrounding this post reflects the deep divide and differing perspectives on the conflict, making it clear that finding a lasting resolution will require thoughtful and nuanced approaches from all parties involved.

Written by Staff Reports

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