Former Chief’s Bogus Claim: Trump “Terrified” of Charges

In yet another unfounded attack on Former President Donald J. Trump, a former chief of staff under his administration, John Kelly, reportedly stated that the former president is “scared s–tless” over the federal charges brought against him. However, as we all know, there is no denying that the current administration has a vendetta against the former president and this is just another desperate attempt to end his career.

According to Kelly, Trump’s visit to a Miami restaurant was nothing but an act, a way to give people the impression that he doesn’t care when in fact he is terrified. But, let’s be clear, Trump has never been afraid of anything before, and he certainly isn’t now. If anything, his appearance was a show of strength, displaying that he is still the man who won the hearts of millions of Americans.

Kelly’s constant attacks on the former president are nothing new. He has been quoted on several occasions making unsubstantiated claims against Trump, calling him the “most flawed person” he has encountered and criticizing his “transactional nature of every relationship.”

But despite these attacks, Trump remains confident in his situation and in his wife, Melania, stating that she is “a very confident person.” The former president even described her attitude towards the situation as “amazing.”

It is clear that the left will stop at nothing to take down Donald Trump. They have resorted to baseless accusations, unfounded claims, and ridiculous investigations. But the American people see through this charade. Trump remains a powerful force in this country, and nothing will stop him from fighting for what he believes in.

Written by Staff Reports

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