Former ESPN Host Spills the Beans on Biden’s Mental Slump in 2021!

In a recent podcast interview with Bill Maher, former ESPN host Sage Steele didn't hold back in her critique of President Joe Biden. She openly labeled him a "poor president" and expressed concerns about what she perceived as signs of cognitive decline during her 2021 interview with him.

Reflecting on her experience interviewing Biden, Steele revealed that she reluctantly agreed to host a live show featuring the President. The interview was marred by technical difficulties, compelling Steele to engage in small talk while waiting for the show to commence. It was during this unexpected prelude that she overheard Biden inquiring about the audience and the show's identity.

Steele described her initial shock and disbelief, exclaiming, "Oh, my goodness!" She continued, "And then he asked, 'SportsCenter, ESPN.' And he responded with, 'Oh, okay.' So I greeted him with, 'Hello, Mr. President. Pleasure to meet you.' I was doing my best to fill the time."

According to Steele, Biden proceeded to share football anecdotes and boast about his abilities. She voiced her frustration at not being able to see him due to a camera lens covered in black, although his voice was audible. At one point, when she suggested he might have played as a wide receiver, his response became unclear, culminating in a hesitant, "Uhh… never mind."

Steele conveyed that the entire experience left her feeling disheartened and led her to speculate that this might explain why Biden spent a significant amount of time in his basement during the election campaign. She emphasized that her concerns extended beyond politics and that, ultimately, she felt empathy for him.



Written by Staff Reports

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