Fox News Flirts with the Occult: Psychic Predicts Politics!

Fox News has taken a turn for the bizarre, folks. The network known for its conservative viewpoints and political analysis has somehow ended up seeking predictions from a psychic. Yes, you read that right. Fox News actually brought in a psychic to make predictions about presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. This is the world we’re living in, people.

The host, Jesse Watters, seemed to think it was all just a big joke, but not everyone saw it that way. In an interview on CBN, a woman named Jenn Nizza called it “demonic.” She explained that the psychic, Paula Roberts, is a seasoned pro in the world of psychics and takes her craft very seriously. Nizza expressed concern for viewers, like her retired parents, who may not realize that this kind of divination is wrong.

Nizza went on to explain that tarot cards are just pieces of cardboard with paintings on them and have no actual knowledge or power. However, she warned that delving into divination opens doors to demonic forces, which then provide information through the interpretations of the cards. She also revealed that during her time as a psychic, she experienced a high rate of accuracy, attributing it to demons observing and making deductions from human behavior.

But Nizza has since renounced her former lifestyle and now aims to warn others about the dangers of dabbling in the occult. She emphasized that Fox News should steer clear of such paths in the future, given the dark implications of engaging with psychic predictions.

The Western Journal, a bastion of conservative thought, has also expressed concern about the state of affairs in the country, as well as their own battle against Big Tech and the so-called America-hating elites. They’ve made a plea for support in their fight to keep the country safe from those who seek to undermine it.

In these turbulent times, it seems that even Fox News and other conservative outlets are feeling the heat and looking for support in their ongoing battle against the left. With so much at stake in the upcoming elections, it’s clear that the fight for America’s future is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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