Fox News Host Digs Deep: What’s the Secret Service Hiding?

In a fiery segment on Fox News, host Jesse Watters isn’t buying the Secret Service’s version of events in a recent carjacking incident. Shots were fired during the incident, with Secret Service agents opening fire on individuals attempting to break into an unmarked van used by the detail protecting Naomi Biden, President Joe Biden’s granddaughter. Despite the gunfire, no suspects were arrested.

“They say three males were attempting to break into a Secret Service agent’s vehicle in Georgetown, very nice neighborhood, and an agent fired a round at them,” Watters said. “The Secret Service says they don’t believe anybody was shot, but they’re not sure. So maybe the Secret Service agent missed, which isn’t so great, or maybe he doesn’t and there’s a dead or injured carjacker somewhere in D.C. courtesy of Naomi Biden’s Secret Service and these three guys are still at large.”

Watters points out that Naomi Biden wasn’t even in the car, raising questions about whether the Secret Service handled the situation appropriately. “Secret Service protocol requires the agents only fire their weapons if they are facing imminent serious danger or death. Using deadly force to stop a car from being stolen in Georgetown doesn’t make sense. There’s something they’re not telling us.”

This isn’t the first time Watters has questioned the Secret Service’s actions. He previously raised concerns about the investigation into a quantity of cocaine found in the White House prior to July 4, after Hunter Biden’s visit. The investigation, which concluded without identifying the culprit who left the illegal drug behind, left Watters wondering if the agency was truly doing its job.

While the Secret Service maintains that their agents only use deadly force in situations where there is a clear threat, Watters and former Secret Service agent Bobby McDonald believe that there may be more to the story. McDonald speculates that one or more of the carjacking suspects may have been armed, leading the agent to feel in danger and respond with gunfire.

As the investigation into the carjacking incident continues, it remains to be seen if any additional information will come to light. Until then, Watters and others are left wondering if the Secret Service is being fully transparent and forthcoming about what truly occurred that day.

Written by Staff Reports

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