Stephen King Slammed for False Narcissism Accusations Against Kari Lake!

Conservative author and Twitter warrior Stephen King can’t seem to keep his unhinged rants and insults to himself. This time, his target is Kari Lake, a Republican candidate running for US Senate in Arizona. King, who recently took aim at President Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene, seems to be on a roll, attacking anyone who supports the MAGA movement.

Last week, Lake shared a video on her social media account, explaining why she is running for office. In the video, she talks about her tough upbringing and the resilience she has developed over the years. She also expresses her concerns about the state of our country and her determination to fight for the American people.

But, of course, King couldn’t resist chiming in with his nasty remarks. He re-shared Lake’s video and accused her of running for herself and being unable to accept that she was rejected by the people. Talk about projection! It’s clear that King’s own ego won’t allow him to accept that there are people out there who don’t agree with his liberal agenda.

Fortunately, Lake’s supporters didn’t let King’s insults go unanswered. They quickly came to her defense, calling out King for his hypocrisy and reminding him that his opinions don’t hold much weight. It’s about time someone put him in his place.

Once again, we see a prominent liberal attacking a strong conservative woman who is fighting for the values that make this country great. It’s a clear example of the left’s desperation and fear of losing power. But we won’t be silenced by their petty insults. Kari Lake is a force to be reckoned with, and she has our full support.

Written by Staff Reports

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