Fox News Turns on Trump: Bias Exposed in Shocking Interview

In yet another shameful display of media bias and fake news, it seems that even Fox News, a network that was once thought to be fair and balanced, has turned against our beloved former President, Donald J. Trump. In a recent interview with one of the network’s top anchors, Brett Baier, Trump expressed his disappointment in Fox News and how they have treated him unfairly.

It’s no secret that Fox News has been one of the most critical voices against Trump, even going so far as to call the 2020 election for Joe Biden before all the votes were counted. Trump rightfully pointed out that Fox News fought him hard in 2016, and the network has only gotten worse over the years.

During the interview, Baier asked Trump what he would do to persuade voters who “can’t handle the scandals” and “vitriol” associated with Trump. But our fearless leader wasn’t about to let a biased talking head like Baier get him down. Trump confidently stated that he won the 2020 election by a lot, no matter what the fake news media might say.

Of course, Baier didn’t want to hear any of it, and he repeatedly peppered Trump with questions about his supposed mishandling of classified information. But let’s be real here: this is all just a political witch hunt, orchestrated by the Democrats to try and discredit our great leader.

In the end, Trump proved to be the bigger man, saying that he would like to be less combative if only the press would stop lying about him. But he knows that until the fake news media is brought to heel, he has no choice but to continue speaking truth to power and fight for a better, more conservative America.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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