Fox Shakeup: Watters Nabs Primetime, Ingraham at 7pm, Gutfeld in New Slot!

Fox News, the leading conservative news network in America, has announced a major lineup shakeup following the loss of its primetime host, Tucker Carlson. In an exciting and much-anticipated press release yesterday, Fox CEO Suzanne Scott revealed the new nightly lineup beginning on July 17th, which will still feature the brilliant conservative voices of Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity, and Greg Gutfeld. However, fans will be thrilled to note that each of these widely popular hosts will be appearing in new and exciting slots.

Jesse Watters, one of the network’s most beloved hosts, will be taking over Tucker Carlson’s coveted 8 pm ET primetime spot. Watters, known for his thought-provoking and politically conservative commentary, has been captivating audiences for years, and this move to primetime is a natural next step for him.

Laura Ingraham, who has dominated the ratings with her incisive and entertaining show at 10 pm ET for years, will be moving to the much-coveted 7 pm primetime kickoff slot. This move just proves that Fox News sees the true value of Ingraham’s conservative voice and knows that viewers will love the refreshing and dynamic energy she brings to any timeslot.

The always popular and hilarious Greg Gutfeld, considered by many to be the funniest conservative voice on the air, will be moving from late-night at 11 pm to 10 pm ET. Gutfeld’s unique comedic style has won him legions of fans, and this new time slot just confirms that Fox News knows this talented host will undoubtedly continue to captivate audiences.

Finally, Sean Hannity, the stalwart voice of conservatism, will continue to hold down his primetime position at 9 pm ET, presenting a powerful conservative message that Americans can count on in these uncertain times.

This bold lineup shift comes on the heels of Geraldo Rivera’s announcement of his departure from “The Five,” and just after a spate of former Fox News employees have leaped at the opportunity to work with Tucker Carlson at his new venture. Nine such former employees have already joined up, including former producer Alex McCaskill who was dismissed from Fox News over a chyron that called President Biden a “wannabe dictator.” These moves, combined with Fox News’s bold new lineup, demonstrate the network’s overall commitment to putting America first and ensuring conservative voices continue to flourish in the cable world.

Written by Staff Reports

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