Gaetz Crusades Against Hunter Biden’s Whistleblower Witch Hunt!

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is blasting Hunter Biden’s attempt to cover up his alleged tax fraud by suing the IRS and going after brave whistleblowers who exposed his potential criminal activities. In a fiery letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), Gaetz is demanding that the House get involved in the legal battle to protect the rights of those who exposed Biden’s shady dealings.

According to Gaetz, Biden’s lawsuit is nothing more than a desperate ploy to silence the courageous individuals who had the guts to shine a light on the Biden family’s suspected illegal operations. Gaetz argued that Speaker Johnson must mobilize the House Office of General Counsel to intervene in the lawsuit to ensure that the House’s interests and the rights of all Americans to make protected disclosures to Congress are safeguarded.

Biden’s lawsuit, filed last year, alleges that IRS agents leaked information about his tax affairs to target and humiliate him. The president’s son claims that the disclosure of his tax return information violated his privacy rights and that the IRS failed to keep his details confidential. Gaetz is adamant that this lawsuit is an outrageous attempt to silence the whistleblowers and shield Biden from being held accountable for his actions.

In his letter, Gaetz emphasized the importance of the House’s involvement in the case, pointing out that the Department of Justice’s handling of the matter has been lacking in representing the House’s interests. He highlighted the House’s clear stake in ensuring that individuals can properly disclose pertinent information to congressional committees and called for the House to assert its interests in the lawsuit.

The IRS has also pushed back against Biden’s lawsuit, arguing that it should be dismissed because it includes claims made by agents’ lawyers, who are not government employees, and that it seeks damages not covered by privacy law. The agency is standing its ground against Biden’s legal maneuvering and fighting to ensure that justice prevails.

As the battle rages on, it remains to be seen if Speaker Johnson will heed Rep. Gaetz’s call to action and throw the House’s weight behind protecting the whistleblowers and thwarting Biden’s attempt to dodge accountability. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, and it’s up to courageous leaders like Rep. Gaetz to ensure that the truth triumphs over political gamesmanship.

Written by Staff Reports

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