Gallego Uses Abortion Scare Tactics in Senate Race Against Kari Lake

In yet another display of fear-mongering, Rep. Ruben Gallego’s Senate campaign has launched a digital ad targeting Republican rival Kari Lake on the sensitive issue of abortion. Just two years after the historic Dobbs decision that rightfully returned the power to legislate abortion laws to the states, Gallego is trying to paint Lake as extremist for having a clear stance on protecting the unborn.

Gallego’s statewide ad dramatically accuses Lake of wanting to “ban abortion,” showcasing a montage of clips where Lake expresses joy over the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling. An arsonist portraying themselves as the firefighter—that’s rich coming from Gallego, who seems more concerned about towing the radical leftist line than understanding the values of Arizonans.

Towards the end of the ad, Gallego delivers his Hollywood-esque performance, proclaiming that no one will mess with women’s rights in Arizona under his watch. Meanwhile, Lake, who clearly stated her opposition to abortion and her commitment to that stance, is demonized for holding views shared by millions of Americans who believe in the sanctity of life.

The Washington Examiner reached out to Lake’s campaign for a comment, although it’s apparent Gallego is less interested in fair discourse than in whipping up his base. After Arizona’s Civil War-era abortion ban was briefly revived and then replaced by a 15-week restriction, Lake addressed the issue head-on, expressing that the antiquated law did not reflect the will of modern Arizonans. She stated in no uncertain terms that she wouldn’t support a federal ban—an honest approach that differs significantly from the flip-flopping seen in typical Democratic double-speak.

Interestingly, Gallego’s latest attack ad is just another chapter in the left’s broader book of bizarre attempts to link every Republican, from Trump to their local grocery store cashier, to the Dobbs decision. Meanwhile, Democrats are busy concocting ballot measures to push abortion rights up to the point of fetal viability, all the while hoping these measures will drive their constituents to the polls like sheep.

Despite Gallego’s theatrical efforts, Lake remains a strong candidate with enduring support. Recent polls show Gallego leading, and the Cook Political Report shifted its prediction for the race in favor of the Democrats. However, it’s clear that his campaign relies more on scare tactics and less on substantive policy proposals, a familiar playbook for the left.

Kari Lake’s unwavering commitment to her principles stands in stark contrast to the ideological gymnastics of her opponent. While Gallego panders to his base with emotionally charged ads, Lake presents a vision rooted in conservative values, appealing to Arizonans who crave honesty and integrity from their elected officials.

Written by Staff Reports

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