Dr. Ronny Jackson Demands Biden Take Drug Test Before Debate Against Trump

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician known for his service under both President Obama and President Trump, has made headlines yet again with his call for President Biden to undergo a drug test before the upcoming debate against Trump. Jackson, a vocal critic of Biden’s cognitive abilities, has repeatedly expressed concerns over the President’s mental acuity, pointing to what he perceives as unusual behavior during public appearances.

The demand for a drug test comes as the 2024 presidential race heats up, with the debate between Biden and Trump scheduled to take place in Atlanta. Jackson’s insistence on cognitive testing akin to what Trump underwent during his presidency has been met with silence from the Biden camp, leading him to take the matter public on Fox News.

Jackson’s observations of Biden’s recent State of the Union address have fueled his suspicions, as he noted a stark contrast in the President’s demeanor from his usual self. Speculating that Biden may be under the influence of something, Jackson has vowed to escalate his efforts by sending a new letter directly to Biden’s physician and copying the entire Cabinet.

As the Bidens and key advisors bunker down at Camp David for debate preparation, Jackson has raised concerns over potential medication adjustments aimed at boosting Biden’s cognitive function and alertness. The former White House physician turned congressman has not shied away from his alignment with Trump, drawing on his experience in the medical examinations of presidents to push his agenda forward.

With the debate on the horizon and tensions rising, Jackson’s call for a drug test has added a new layer of intrigue to an already contentious political climate. Whether his demands will be met or dismissed remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – the spotlight on Biden’s cognitive fitness is only getting brighter as Election Day draws near.

Written by Staff Reports

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