Goldman Spin Machine: Defends Biden, Bashes Trump, Ignores Facts

Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) defended President Joe Biden’s actions, claiming that the special counsel’s report found no evidence that Biden intentionally mishandled classified information. The report was delivered to the public on Thursday, and according to Goldman, Biden fully cooperated by turning over the identified classified documents and allowing the FBI to search his entire house.

On CNN’s “The Lead,” anchor Jake Tapper suggested that the special counsel, Robert Hur, chose not to bring charges against Biden because he believed Biden was too old and feeble to prosecute without garnering sympathy from the jury. Goldman quickly dismissed Tapper’s statement, labeling it as an unnecessary political statement made by Republicans. He argued that the reason for not prosecuting Biden was simply due to the lack of evidence indicating Biden’s intent to distribute classified information.

Goldman also took the opportunity to compare Biden’s actions to former President Donald Trump’s behavior, claiming that Trump had obstructed justice by impeding the FBI’s investigation. He argued that Trump’s obstruction demonstrated clear knowledge and intent, which resulted in his indictment, whereas Biden had been exonerated in the report.


Written by Staff Reports

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