Tapper Weeps as SCOTUS Sides with Trump – CNN Scrambles!

The floundering fake news network CNN is at it again, folks! Host Jake Tapper and a band of legal “experts” took to the airwaves to deliver what can only be described as a sob story for their liberal viewers. They were all in a tizzy over U.S. Supreme Court justices expressing reluctance to uphold Colorado’s tyrannical attempt to keep former President Donald Trump off the 2024 presidential ballot. But fear not, for the CNN crew had their trusty memo in hand, telling them just how to spin Trump’s inevitable victory. It’s almost comical how predictable they’ve become.

The Supreme Court heard arguments on Colorado’s anti-Trump scheme, and CNN’s panelists leaped to the conclusion that the justices were leaning in favor of Trump. It’s like they enjoy talking in circles without ever landing on the truth. CNN’s anchor Laura Coates and the crew couldn’t resist parroting over and over that the Court was all about finding an “off-ramp.” If that doesn’t make you question their agenda, nothing will.

It’s laughable how one-sided their analysis was. They couldn’t stop themselves from pushing the narrative that the Court was desperately seeking a way to avoid disqualifying Trump without actually addressing the merits of the case. Not one of them dared to deviate from the approved talking points. Even supposed conservative George Conway hopped on the bandwagon, spewing the same old rhetoric to reassure the handful of remaining CNN viewers.

The CNN panel conveniently left out any mention of the left-wing justice’s skepticism about Colorado’s argument against Trump, which completely undermines their “off-ramp” tale. It was a clear win for Trump, and even CNN couldn’t avoid reality this time. But don’t hold your breath waiting for them to ever be honest about it.

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Written by Staff Reports

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