Goldman’s Epic Fail: Biden Defense Implodes, Even CBS Calls Out Lies

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) decided to enter the ring in the Biden bribery scandal, but it seems he got a taste of his own medicine. Unfortunately for Goldman, his attempt at a kill shot ended up backfiring and hitting the White House instead. Talk about an epic fail. Maybe he should stick to something he excels at, like…oh wait, he hasn’t shown any signs of excelling at anything. Seriously, what is this guy good for?

Not only did Goldman miss the mark, but he also managed to inflict “Dresden-level” damage to any possible defense for Joe Biden. It was so bad that some even suggested a special counsel appointment might be in order. Ouch. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Then, in a desperate attempt to salvage his argument, Goldman claimed that the whole Biden influence-peddling operation was nothing but an “illusion of access.” Well, it turns out he couldn’t have been more wrong. Devon Archer, an ex-Hunter Biden associate, tore apart Goldman’s counterpoint, exposing it for the lie that it was. And now, CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge has joined in, calling Goldman out on his BS.

Herridge pointed out that Goldman mischaracterized Archer’s testimony, claiming that Hunter Biden had offered an “illusion of access” to his father. But when the full transcript was revealed, it became clear that this phrase was actually in Goldman’s question, not Archer’s testimony. In fact, Archer stated that there was indeed influence and access being offered, including business meetings and meals with Joe Biden himself. And let’s not forget about the money wired to Hunter Biden after one of those meals. Looks like Goldman’s narrative is crumbling faster than a house of cards.

Mr. Goldman, do us all a favor and step away from the mic. Your attempt to defend the indefensible has only made matters worse. Maybe being an heir to the Levi Strauss fortune has gotten you a little bored, but trust me, this isn’t your calling. In fact, it’s disqualifying. Your performance during the IRS hearing was a disaster, and now even mainstream media outlets are calling out your lies. Time to take a seat, sir. Let the adults handle this mess.

Written by Staff Reports

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