GOP Cracks Down on Evers’ Tax Hikes: No More Veto Games!

The Wisconsin State Assembly made a power move this week by giving the green light to an amendment that would put the brakes on Governor Tony Evers’ ability to jack up taxes and fees. This amendment, known as Assembly Joint Resolution 112, aims to clip Evers’ wings when it comes to tinkering with the state budget. The proposal states that the governor would not be allowed to use his partial veto power to mess with funding bills and crank up taxes or fees. Quite the slip-up for Evers, who got pretty cheeky last year by using his partial veto powers to stretch out school funding all the way to the year 2425. Talk about kicking the can down the road! But hey, that’s 400 extra years of learning, right?

Republican State Rep. Amanda Nedweski championed the proposal, arguing that it’s time to restore some balance between the governor and the legislature. She made it clear that this amendment is a direct response to what she calls Evers’ political shenanigans. The GOP’s not happy about the governor playing magician with the state budget, and they’re determined to put a lid on that kind of trickery. Nedweski and the gang are basically saying, “No more rabbit-out-of-the-hat budget moves for you, Mr. Evers!”

The plot thickens when we look back at the days of Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, who pulled off some veto wizardry of his own with the “Vanna White veto.” That move involved cherry-picking letters from words to create new ones and change the whole vibe of legislation. It’s like a real-life game of Mad Libs, but with serious consequences. Nedweski stresses that the new proposal is specifically tailored to prevent the kind of tax and fee hike hijinks that Evers has been playing at. The goal is to give the people of Wisconsin more say in their tax dollars and not let one person call all the shots.

Now, the proposal managed to squeeze through the Assembly on a party-line vote, with 64 Republicans giving it a nod and 34 Dems giving it the stink-eye. But hold the phone, folks — it’s not a done deal just yet. The proposal still has to pass through the Senate before it lands in the laps of voters. If it does make it, this could be a game-changer for Evers and his veto powers. The GOP ain’t playing around when it comes to reining in the governor and making sure the people’s will is front and center.

And if you needed more proof of Evers’ penchant for vetoing stuff, the Legislative Reference Bureau reports that he gave the ol’ thumbs-down to a whopping 32% of bills in the 2021-22 session. That’s a whole lot of “no,” especially when you consider that other governors only shoot down around 3.7% of bills. Seems like there’s a veto spree happening in Wisconsin, and the GOP is ready to slam the brakes on it.

So, will Wisconsin voters give the green light to this amendment? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure — it’s game on between Evers and the GOP, and the budget battleground just got a whole lot more interesting.

Written by Staff Reports

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