GOP Firebrand Slams Biden: No More Sneak Peeks for Iran!

After President Joe Biden made the announcement that the United States launched retaliatory strikes against Iraq and Syria, a bold Republican is calling him out for fumbling the element of surprise in response to the terrorist country’s recent slaying of three U.S. troops.

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) isn’t holding back, accusing Biden of deliberately blabbing about the planned response to the three U.S. deaths caused by Iran-backed militias. Waltz is shouting it from the rooftops, asserting that America’s enemies are getting a sneak peek at our playbook, leaving us high and dry without any element of surprise.

The Florida congressman, who’s no stranger to wearing the Special Forces commander hat, wants to see the Biden Administration grow a backbone and knock the socks off Iran instead of throwing meaningless punches that target mere warehouses. Instead, Waltz is calling for a “strong military response” and a complete U-turn in policy. He’s even giving a shoutout to former President Trump, urging a return to the “maximum” economic pressure that had Iran sweating.

Waltz isn’t stopping there. He’s standing tall in the face of Biden’s weak-kneed leadership, pointing a finger at the unraveling progress made in diminishing Iran during the Trump Administration. He’s lobbing accusations left and right, blaming Biden for ditching the Iranian nuclear deal and piling on sanctions. According to Waltz, with Trump in the driver’s seat, Iran-backed militants didn’t dare show their faces. But now, it’s a whole different story under Biden, and the Iranian regime is feeling itself, giving Americans the short end of the stick.

And that’s not all. Waltz has no qualms about calling out the Biden Administration for caving to “terrorists” and shirking accountability. He’s not holding back, pinning the ongoing Gaza war on Biden’s shoulders and demanding that the president cut off Iran’s cash flow to put the kibosh on terrorism.

He’s even got his eyes on the border, warning that a terrorist attack on American soil is lurking right around the corner if Biden doesn’t clamp down and tighten things up. Waltz is laying it all on the line, pushing for action and holding nothing back in his criticism of Biden’s approach to dealing with Iran.

Written by Staff Reports

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