GOP Lawmaker Torches Impeachment Inquiry in Scorcher Op-Ed

In an article for the Washington Post, Congressman Ken Buck criticized the House leadership for their failure to focus on the issues that matter most to the American people. Instead, they were fixated on an investigation into the possible impeachment of Joe Biden. Buck cited the allegations that the former vice president benefited from his son's business dealings as the reason for the inquiry.

Despite the numerous investigations that have been conducted, Buck has not found a link between Joe Biden and his son's corruption. Congress has been unable to pass a budget to avoid a government shutdown. The Freedom Caucus, which Buck is a part of, has been pushing for even more spending cuts beyond the debt ceiling agreement.

As it's unlikely that Congress will pass a budget before the deadline, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the Freedom Caucus are working on a short-term solution to prevent the government from shutting down. McCarthy launched an impeachment inquiry against former Vice President Joe Biden, claiming that it was necessary to gather records related to the investigation. Despite reports that there is a lack of evidence to support the move, House Republicans have still supported it.

Buck, who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, has been vocal about his opposition to the impeachment process against Biden. He believes that it's based on a fake version of a former Ukrainian prosecutor's career. The investigation is focused on Biden's efforts to remove Viktor Shokin from his position as a prosecutor. It's also about whether or not he tried to stop the investigation into the corruption of a Ukrainian energy company.

According to Buck, the right-wing media has unfairly portrayed Shokin as a crusader against corruption. He also claims that there is no proof that he was looking into Burisma.

In his opinion, the members of the House Republican Party are using an imaginary historical moment to push for the impeachment of Joe Biden. Instead of focusing on baseless allegations, they should be working on a budget resolution to avoid a government shutdown. Buck's op-ed is a reminder that members of Congress should not be distracted by partisan politics.

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