NASA Denies UFO Footage, But Science Isn’t So Sure!

NASA Claims to Debunk “GoFast” UFO Sighting, But Some Scientists Remain Skeptical

In a recent report, NASA took aim at a famous alleged UFO sighting known as the “GoFast” video, causing quite a stir among the scientific community. According to Navy pilots who recorded the video, the object in question appeared to be skimming above the ocean at an incredibly high speed. However, NASA quickly dismissed these claims, stating that their data suggests a more mundane explanation.

According to NASA’s report, the object in the video appears to be colder than the surrounding ocean, implying that it lacks any sort of propulsion system. Instead, NASA suggests that the object is simply drifting with the wind. While they do admit that their calculations may not have accounted for wind effects on the aircraft, they ultimately conclude that the object’s movement can be attributed to natural weather patterns.

Of course, not everyone is convinced by NASA’s explanation. French UFO researcher Christophe Spitzer Isbert argued that the space agency should have conducted a more thorough investigation before jumping to conclusions. Isbert pointed out that assuming the object is a balloon because it appears slow and doesn’t emit heat is not sufficient evidence to support NASA’s findings.

In response, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stressed that while the study did not find any evidence of extraterrestrial origins for these unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), there is still much to learn. While conservatives may be disappointed that this particular UFO sighting has been debunked, it’s important to remain open-minded and continue searching for answers.

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