GOP Lions Sue Biden Over Debt Dodge: Kobach Leads Charge!

In a bold move, a rowdy gang of eleven Republican-led states are taking the Biden administration to court over its sneaky attempt to “cancel” student loan debt. The ringleader of this daring operation is none other than Kansas attorney general Kris Kobach, who’s not about to let the Biden bunch get away with their tricky shenanigans.

The lawsuit argues that Biden’s latest scheme, the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) repayment program, is just a recycled version of his previous failed attempt to forgive student loan debt. The lawsuit is joined by the attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. These legal eagles aren’t going to sit idly by while Biden tries to pull a fast one on hardworking Americans.

Biden’s announcement of the SAVE repayment plan set off alarm bells for these Republican states, especially after the Supreme Court shot down his earlier attempt to zap student loan debt. The lawsuit snarkily points out that nothing has changed since then, except for Biden making even more legal blunders with his latest program. It’s like he just can’t help himself!

The Biden administration has been shamelessly touting the SAVE Plan, with over 7.7 million borrowers already signing up. They claim that more than 5 million folks are enjoying reduced monthly payments because of their lower incomes. But these Republican states aren’t buying it. They see through the smoke and mirrors and are determined to protect the hard-earned money of the American people.

Kobach, the fearless leader of this pack, isn’t pulling any punches. He’s calling out Biden for trying to rob from the poor and give to the rich. He’s not here for Biden’s Robin Hood act and is ready to take the fight all the way to court. These Republicans are geared up to win again and show Biden that he can’t just wave his presidential scepter and make all of his wildest dreams come true. It’s law and order time, and Biden is about to learn that he’s not the kingpin of the country. Watch your back, Biden—the Republican states are coming for you!

Written by Staff Reports

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