Graham Blitzes CO Court for Booting Trump from Ballot

Sen. Lindsey Graham let the Colorado Supreme Court have it on Sunday, accusing them of playing dirty politics and having an axe to grind against former President Donald Trump. That’s right, folks, the Colorado Supreme Court kicked President Trump off the state’s primary ballot, and Sen. Graham is not happy about it one bit.

According to Sen. Graham, the justices are letting their personal animosity towards the GOP front-runner cloud their judgment. He’s not holding back, folks. Sen. Graham went on national TV to slam the court’s decision as a total political move that has no basis in the law.

And get this, the South Carolina Republican is so fired up about this injustice that he’s betting big on the Supreme Court overturning the Colorado decision. That’s right, he’s calling it a “slam dunk” for the Supreme Court to step in and set things right. You go, Sen. Graham!

Sen. Graham is raising the alarm about how this ruling could be a slippery slope for future presidential races. He’s warning everyone that if the Colorado Supreme Court can play fast and loose with the rules for President Trump, then what’s stopping them from doing the same to other candidates?


Written by Staff Reports

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