Green Movement Pressures Physicians to Put Net-Zero Emissions Ahead of Patients

As reported by Rebel News, an increasing percentage of medical professionals are saying they are willing to sacrifice patient care in favor of achieving "net-zero" emissions.

To understand the implications for healthcare, you have to think about what it entails, author Michelle Stirling said on The Gunn Show. The health care system shifts its focus from you as a person in need of attention to you as a carbon footprint.

A human being with another human being is the whole point, and these concepts are so ridiculous, so misguided, and so focused on the carbon footprint that they miss it.

Even though healthcare accounts for only 5% of global carbon emissions, the New England Journal of Medicine's council, NEJM Catalyst, believes that this is still too much.

Achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement demands step is very crucial from the health care industry to do its fair share in reducing its emissions, the organization states on its website.

A growing body of research is investigating how healthcare businesses might achieve a target of net-zero emissions, which is the point at which a company's value chain operations have no net impact on the environment from greenhouse gas emissions. This is a difficult task, but the writers say that knowing the various reasons for doing this can boost determination and motivate you to get things done.

As recently as last year, the NEJM argued that 'inequitable' access to hospital treatment exists for the groups of people who are frequently targeted by the Left. They demanded more load-balancing assets, which would raise greenhouse gas emissions.

Hospitals powered entirely by renewable energy sources like those responsible for California's blackouts are being advocated for by the organisation. Without consistent electricity, hospitals can't care for patients or coordinate their operations.

One Canadian hospital has previously offered an assisted dying to a veteran seeking treatment as a means to achieve their objective of net-zero emissions. His recuperation from catastrophic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder was delayed by the shocking proposal.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Headline USA.

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