Griffin Provokes, Trump Faithful Bite Back!

Comedian Kathy Griffin is at it again, stirring up controversy with her attacks on former President Donald Trump and his supporters. On Tuesday, Griffin claimed on ABC’s The View that Trump supporters are “crazed” over her, referring to the pushback and criticism she has faced from Trump supporters in recent years. It seems she just can’t resist poking the hornet’s nest and then playing the victim when she gets stung.

Griffin has been a target for Trump supporters ever since she posted a disturbing photo of herself holding a fake severed head resembling the former president. Now, as she continues her “My Life on the PTSD List” tour, Trump supporters are pushing back even more. During one of her comedy shows in New York, a group of Trump supporters held a protest, making it clear they won’t stand for her divisive antics.

Despite the protest, Griffin seemed unfazed, even finding humor in the situation. She described the protest as a “parade” organized by “Trumpers,” complete with a bobbing effigy of herself. But Griffin conveniently failed to mention the reason for the protest – her own appalling behavior.

In addition to her ongoing feud with Trump supporters, Griffin also boasted about her Twitter spat with billionaire Elon Musk. She admitted to enjoying “starting beefs with very powerful men,” referring to the impersonation of Musk on social media that led to her account being suspended. It’s no surprise that someone who thinks it’s funny to hold up a fake severed head of the president would also find joy in mocking and impersonating others.

It’s clear that Griffin thrives on attention, no matter how negative it may be. While she claims to be a victim of “crazed” Trump supporters, her own actions speak louder than her words. It’s time for Griffin to take responsibility for her divisive and offensive behavior rather than playing the innocent victim. After all, if you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.

Written by Staff Reports

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