Gun Rights Hater Gavin Newson takes a Big LOSS from Courts

A federal judge partially overturned a California gun law, which had used a controversial mechanism to shield the state from its authority challenged in court.

In a strange twist, the ruling was praised by Governor Gavin Newsom, who noted that it proved his point how Texas abortion law should be unlawful as well.

Newsom signed a law that would allow private individuals to sue the manufacturers of illegal firearms in California.

Rob Bonta, the attorney general of California, refused to defend the law, which was modeled after the Texas ban on abortion. Democrats have criticized the enforcement mechanism of the law as an attempt to avoid court review.

In his ruling, Judge Roger Benitez used Newsom's own reasoning to overturn the gun law. He also quoted from the governor to show how the Texas law was an unconstitutional assault on women's rights. Newsom thanked the judge for his ruling and noted that it proved how the abortion ban in Texas was equallty cynical.

In response to the ruling, Newsom thanked the judge for his decision and noted that it showed how the Texas law was an unconstitutional assault on women's rights.

Although he acknowledged the similarities between the two laws, Judge Roger Benitez noted that it was not accurate to say that they were identical. Instead, he said that Newsom made it incredibly difficult for people to recover legal fees.

The judge noted that the scheme of Newsom violated the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech. He said that it prevented citizens from being able to win in court and thus had to pay for the government's legal fees.

Unlike abortion, the right to bear arms has been stated in the US Constitution, and therefore, it is a clearly enumerated right.

In his ruling, the judge noted that the law was similar to an autocratic government's attempt to suppress free speech.

It is believed that, due to his potential presidential aspirations, Newsom did not intend to defend the law. Instead, he signed it in order to establish a contrast between California and red states.

The move by Newsom is considered an on-brand strategy for a governor who has been feuding with Republican governors over restricting the rights of transgender individuals.

The argument presented by Newsom was based on a faulty premise. He argued that abortion is an evil act that results in the death of an innocent child. Guns are used for good purposes, such as self-defense.

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