LOL: Karine Pierre Says Biden Has “Done the work” On Our Southern Border

The White House noted that despite the number of illegal immigrants entering the country, President Joe Biden has been working on securing the border.

The comment was quickly mocked by Republicans. An increase in migration immediately following Biden's inauguration has been one of the factors that has contributed to his low approval ratings.

At a briefing, White House press secretary, Jean-Pierre, stated that the president has been addressing the issue of the border since the beginning.

According to Jean-Pierre, the president has been addressing the issue on his own because Republicans in Congress have not supported the funding of the government and immigration legislation.

During his daily briefing, Jean-Pierre often stated that Republicans are more concerned with political stunts than addressing the issue of immigration and securing the border.

During the briefing, Jean-Pierre stated that the president and the Republicans in Congress know how to work together. However, they are not able to address the issue of securing the border because they are not focused on the issues that are important to Americans.

One of the first steps that Biden took after becoming the president was to put forth an immigration reform bill that included the protection of the border.

According to the US government, there were 2.76 million people who tried to illegally cross the border in the last fiscal year. During the last 48 hours, US officials apprehended over 14,000 immigrants.

During a visit to El Paso, Texas, the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, received a hostile reception from the local Border Patrol agents.

Kamala Harris, the vice president, has been criticized for her handling of the issue of migration. It was initially included in her policy portfolio when she was in the administration.

During his trip to Arizona, Biden was criticized for his dismissive response when asked about visiting the border.

Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas criticized Biden for not visiting the border and noted that other important issues were more important than securing the border. In his place, Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, visited the border.

A survey conducted by Fox News earlier this month revealed that over 60% disapprove of Biden's performance on the issue of immigration and the border.

Tommy Pigott, the communications director of the Republican Party, noted that Biden had been working on the issue not alone, as well as with the help from Democrats in Congress, but he had also cost American lives by allowing thousands of people to die. Bipartisan talks about immigration reform stalled this week, as well.

The prospects of immigration legislation in the House will become less likely after the Republicans take over in January. Committee hearings on the border and Biden will also be held.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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