Harvard President in Hot Water for Soft Anti-Semitism Stance

In 2017, Harvard uninvited 10 students because of their offensive memes on social media. Those kids thought they could get away with it, but oh no, Harvard said, “Not on my watch!” Now, fast forward to today, and Rep. Elise Stefanik is throwing Harvard’s current president, Claudine Gay, into the hot seat. She’s essentially saying, “What’s up with all this anti-Semitic stuff happening on your campus, and why aren’t you doing anything about it?”

Stefanik, a Harvard alum, is not holding back. She wants to know if Harvard is going to kick out students who are chanting about killing Jews or who are blaming Israel for all the violence. She’s not here for Harvard’s love of “free expression” if it includes views that are “objectionable, outrageous, and offensive.” She seems pretty fed up with Harvard’s lack of action and moral backbone. She even suggested that Gay should consider packing up her stuff and leaving.

The drama didn’t stop there. Donors were not happy campers either. One Israeli billionaire and his wife said, “Peace out!” and resigned from the executive board as a protest. Even former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said, “I’m out” and took back his offer to work with Harvard. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

It seems like Gay is in some deep water, and from the sound of it, the fire isn’t going out anytime soon.

But wait, there’s more! It turns out that this whole thing happened during a hearing where leaders from other universities with similar anti-Semitic incidents were also grilled. Stefanik pointed out that anti-Semitic incidents on campuses are on the rise. She even mentioned how Harvard students were chanting stuff like “Intifada revolution” and blaming Israel for everything. That’s a lot of mess for one university to handle.

So, it looks like Harvard is under the microscope for its handling of all this anti-Semitic talk. People are not pleased, and it’s safe to say that Harvard’s president, Claudine Gay, is having a really rough time right now.

Written by Staff Reports

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