Hawley Exposes DHS Employee’s Shocking Hamas Connection on Social Media!

The recent Hamas attack on Israel and Israel’s response has sparked some concerning reactions from people on the left, particularly from the Democratic members of the Squad. It seems that these politicians are sympathetic towards terrorists and want to give them a pass. It’s truly baffling.

But it’s not just the Squad that is causing concern with their radical positions. Joe Biden’s support of Israel has even led to a senior State Department official resigning. Joshua Paul, who worked at the State Department for over 11 years, protested against the White House’s decision to send arms and ammunition to Israel while it’s at war with Hamas. Paul claimed that the blind support for Israel was shortsighted, destructive, and unjust. But let’s be clear: there is no blind support here. It’s a matter of terrorists who slaughter innocent people versus Israel’s right to defend itself. The choice should be obvious, and if Paul can’t see that, then he shouldn’t be working for the State Department.


Furthermore, it seems that there may be more individuals within the government with concerning biases. During a hearing with Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, Senator Josh Hawley revealed disturbing posts made by a DHS employee. This employee made hateful comments against Israel and Jews. And what was Mayorkas’ response? He defended the employee, claiming that there is a distinction between bad speech and speech that endorses terrorist ideology. How ludicrous! Hawley rightly called out Mayorkas for his lack of action and pointed out the hypocrisy of having Jewish students feeling unsafe while an employee of the Department of Homeland Security celebrates genocide against Israel. The question now is how many more individuals within the Biden administration share these troubling beliefs.


Written by Staff Reports

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