Hillary’s Film Flubs: Exaggerating “Medical Misogyny” for Political Gain

As if we needed any more reminders of why we should be thankful that Hillary Clinton is not the president, she has unleashed another dose of her propaganda on the American public. Just in time for election season, Clinton has released a new film called Below the Belt, which aims to uncover what she calls an epidemic of “medical misogyny.”

The premise of the movie is that doctors are systematically dismissing women and their health complaints. Clinton, in her typical melodramatic fashion, claims that women’s health has been overlooked and ignored for far too long. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Clinton’s long-standing feminist agenda and her unapologetic advocacy for abortion.

The film focuses on endometriosis, a painful uterine disease that can cause infertility. While it’s true that this is a serious issue that deserves attention, Clinton’s attempt to frame it as another example of systematic oppression against women is simply ridiculous. She claims that the movie is meant to change hearts and minds, but it’s clear that her real goal is to push her own narrative and advance her own political agenda.

The director of the film, Shannon Cohn, is herself an advocate for women with endometriosis. She argues that the disease has been overlooked within the medical field. While it’s certainly possible that some doctors may dismiss or downplay certain health issues, the notion of “medical misogyny” is a gross exaggeration. It’s just another example of Clinton and her cronies trying to portray women as perpetual victims in need of government intervention.

The fact that the film was picked up by a U.K. company speaks volumes. It’s yet another example of how the Hollywood elites and the liberal media are collaborating to push their radical agenda on unsuspecting viewers. But the reality is that this film is nothing more than an attempt to spread more propaganda and advance the leftist narrative of victimhood.

In the end, it’s ironic to see Clinton promoting a movie about alleged “medical misogyny” while she herself has shown such disdain for those who disagree with her. Just recently, she called for Trump supporters to be “formally deprogrammed.” Who’s really in a cult here? It’s clear that Clinton is more interested in pushing her own agenda than actually helping women. Thankfully, the American people saw through her lies and rejected her in the 2016 election. Let’s hope they do the same in future elections as well.

Written by Staff Reports

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