Ex-CIA Boss Wants Tuberville “Removed” Over Abortion Stance

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville has found himself under fire yet again, this time from former CIA boss Michael Hayden. Hayden audaciously called for Tuberville to be “removed” from the “human race” because of his stance on Pentagon promotions. Now, I’m no expert, but I didn’t realize we had the power to remove someone from the human race. Hayden’s comment sounds more like a vindictive rant than a rational response.

Tuberville has been holding up military promotions as a way to protest President Biden’s decision to let the Pentagon pay for abortions. He believes each nomination should be voted on individually, rather than conveniently pushed through. And you know what? Good for him! It’s about time someone stood up against the Democrats’ reckless spending on issues that have nothing to do with national security. And yet, instead of engaging in a civil debate, Hayden decides to make a threat on Tuberville’s life. That’s absolutely despicable, but unfortunately not surprising coming from someone deeply entrenched in the Deep State.

Not only did Hayden’s tweet call for Tuberville’s removal from the Senate Armed Services committee, but it also hinted at putting him to death. Seriously, how unhinged do you have to be to resort to such extreme measures? You may think this is just an isolated incident, but it’s part of a disturbing pattern. Hayden, like other anti-Trump former intelligence officials, seems to have an obsession with treating Trump and his supporters like terrorists. It’s concerning to think that individuals with such warped minds once held positions of power.

Tuberville, rightly so, called out Hayden for his repugnant threat. He emphasized Hayden’s dubious intelligence record, including promoting the Russian collusion hoax and spreading the false narrative about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation. It’s amazing how these so-called intelligence officials have been proven wrong time and time again, yet they continue to tout their expertise. They are nothing more than mouthpieces for a corrupt and biased establishment.

Hayden’s behavior is disgraceful, but sadly it’s not surprising given his current role as a CNN contributor. It seems like the network has a knack for hiring individuals with questionable ethics and a disdain for conservatives. But hey, as long as they can provide the anti-Trump narrative that their viewers crave, I guess credentials and integrity don’t really matter.

In conclusion, this incident further exposes the deep-rooted biases within the intelligence community and the mainstream media. It’s an unfortunate reality that we have to contend with, but it’s important for conservatives like Tuberville to continue standing up for what they believe in. We can’t let the Deep State and their media lackeys dictate the future of our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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