Hollywood Elites Pull Donor Support After Biden’s Debate Debacle Against Trump

High-profile Hollywood elites have packed up their checkbooks and are hitting the exit after President Joe Biden’s abysmal debate performance against former President Donald Trump. Even the glitterati can’t stomach the president’s bumbling attempt to convince America he’s still fit for the job.

Reports reveal that Biden’s team went into panic mode, desperately pleading with donors to hold off on abandoning ship with a pathetic “wait and see” plea. These presidential life-jackets are clearly not selling; the sheer desperation of Biden’s Southern California Finance Director, Hailey Sasse, trying to hypnotize donors into forgetting the train wreck that was Biden’s debate performance, is nothing short of laughable. 


Pivoting as best they can, Biden’s crew tried to spin the disaster by downplaying the impact of the debate flop on voter sentiment and hyping up “battleground states” as the decisive factors. What’s next? Asking people to ignore the calendar and pretend it’s still April 2023? Nice try, but Americans aren’t buying it, and neither are the Hollywood elites.

Sasse’s feeble email to donors offered a pitiful list of reasons to ignore Biden’s unmistakable fall from grace, awkwardly asserting the president’s resilience like a scrappy underdog in a Saturday morning cartoon. Meanwhile, Biden’s North Carolina appearance was touted as a powerhouse performance. The reality? The president can barely string a coherent sentence together, and his speeches are more snooze fest than barn burner.

Let’s not forget, the Hollywood crowd was never all that keen on Biden to begin with. Advisers like Hannah Linkenhoker now openly say that support will only continue if Biden steps aside. Spielberg, Capshaw, Abrams—they’re all pumping the brakes, refusing their usual donation deluge until the Democrats present a candidate who won’t spontaneously combust onstage.

As confirmed by an anonymous donor in the inner circles of Hollywood’s elite, text chains are lighting up with furious chatter. It’s clear: if Biden doesn’t bow out gracefully, financial support from these big-name donors is going to dry up faster than CNN’s ratings. The left’s not-so-silent majority are clamoring for a Biden-free ticket in 2024, and they’re willing to starve the DNC until they get it.

Written by Staff Reports

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