Biden’s Debate Disaster Sends Democrats into Full Panic Mode

Joe Biden’s Thursday night debate performance was downright unwatchable, and Democrats are scrambling to rewrite reality. Broadcasting on CNN—normally a safe haven for left-leaning candidates—this debate was supposed to be a cakewalk for Biden. Instead, it turned into a demolition derby, leaving Biden dazed and confused while Trump barely had to exert himself to come out on top. One of the funniest parts is that Trump didn’t need to bully Biden or get lost midway through a sentence; he just had to show up and deliver his lines. Meanwhile, Biden was busy fumbling and bumbling his way through 90 minutes of self-destruction.

As the dust settles, Democratic insiders are in full-on panic mode. Loyalists, donors, and lawmakers are desperately clinging to their talking points, peddled by the Biden campaign like snake oil at a county fair. They’re trying to gaslight the American voter by pretending Biden didn’t just get steamrolled on national television. The whispers of replacing Biden on the ticket are getting louder, but good luck with that—time’s ticking, and they’re stuck with Sleepy Joe. The latest Biden campaign email to supporters read like a love letter to delusion, encapsulating the unraveling operation in all its tragic glory. 


Making matters more comical, the Biden campaign actually acknowledged their supporters are freaking out. The email urged the faithful to tell their “panicked” friends and family to calm down and ignore those pesky polls. It was an admission of disaster wrapped in a desperate plea for money. Biden’s team even took a swipe at “self-important podcasters”—a likely jab at the Pod Save America hosts who have recently entertained the notion that perhaps old Joe isn’t their best bet. Even within the party’s ranks, the knives are already out, and the backstabbing has begun. No wonder the base is restless.

Democratic strategists, meanwhile, are losing sleep over one big problem: Biden’s cognitive clock runs out by 4 pm. This isn’t just a bad look; it’s a ticking time bomb for someone whose job requires more than a half-day of alertness. This reality is glaringly obvious to anyone paying attention, but the Biden camp’s strategy seems to be denial, followed by more denial. Telling supporters to “cope with it” because they’re stuck with an aging, out-of-touch president only widens the growing rift in an already divided Democratic Party.

The Democratic base is crumbling, with support dwindling from black voters under 50, union workers, Hispanics, and now even Muslims upset over Biden’s stance on Gaza. Biden’s trainwreck debate performance and the absurd fundraising email only serve to highlight the campaign’s chaos and incompetence. It’s as if his entire team is bent on driving the party off a cliff. The Democrats built this mess with their own hands, and now they’re trapped in it, reaping the whirlwind of their own making. Whether the bleeding can be stopped is anyone’s guess, but one thing is clear: they’ve got a long way to go and not much time to get there.

Written by Staff Reports

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