Hollywood Icon SHOCKS World With Pro-Trump Plea

Actor and Hollywood Icon Jon Voight issued a powerful statement in defence of President Donald Trump as he prepares to surrender to authorities in New York City following his indictment. Voight’s statement was a passionate call to action for all Americans to stand behind the 45th President of the United States and help him restore the nation to its former glory.

Voight began his statement by expressing his dismay at the state of the nation over the past few years, saying, “We have been through the worst nightmare these last few years. Now we must make this war end, and bring justice to all, for this is our country of liberty, this is our country that dreams are made of. It has been knocked down with lies, deceit, and fear.”

Voight went on to criticize the Biden administration, calling it a “false security for our nation” and a “joke” and a “disgrace.” He then urged Americans to vote in 2024 for the only president that can “take this country and strip away the dirt, the grime, the lies, and make this country what it was meant to be, the greatest country, the land of the free, where opportunities were great.”

Voight then addressed the indictment of President Trump, saying “We must not forget Clinton’s true affair and that they never caused this cruelty on any other president before. My fellow Americans, remember the walls of Jericho, truth shall prevail.” Voight then called on all Americans to put faith back in President Trump and help him restore the nation to its former glory.

Voight concluded his statement with a passionate call for all Americans to stand behind President Trump and help him “build this land back to her beauty where she will stand proud and she will hold the torch up for freedom, freedom of the people, freedom of our greatest achievement of red, white and blue, the gift of what and who we are — the American Dream.”

It is clear that Jon Voight is a true patriot who stands behind President Trump and believes that he is the only one who can save America from the “barbaric left insanity”. It is time for all conservatives to rally behind President Trump and help him restore America to its former greatness. The Biden administration is a joke and it is time for all Americans to stand up and fight for what is right. We must all come together and vote for President Trump in 2024 so that he can take this country back from the lies and deceit of the left and make America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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