Ted Cruz Makes EPIC Prediction On DHS Secretary’s Future

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a staunch defender of border security, believes that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been made the scapegoat for the crisis at the southern border. Cruz, a respected authority within the Republican Party, made his prediction: he believes within six months Mayorkas will be out of his job either by resigning or the President firing him. Cruz expressed his belief on the Monday episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz.”

The Senator’s prediction came as no surprise, as Democrats have made it clear that Mayorkas is the one to blame for the current border crisis. Mayorkas decided to grant entry to those who were unauthorized to stay under the previous administration, which has led to a flood of illegal migrants crossing the borders.  The situation at the border is out of control, with record levels of illegal migrant crossings in recent months. The fiscal year of 2022 ended with a shocking 2.3 million migrant encounters, with almost 600,000 evading border patrol authorities.  

Cruz had a first-hand experience of Mayorkas and his incompetency during a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing back in March. During the hearing, Cruz questioned Mayorkas on his lack of action to curb the influx of illegal migrants at the border. Cruz noted that Mayorkas took on water and was not performing well during the hearing. That is unless Durbin, an Illinois senator, comes to save the day. Cruz said that the fact that Durbin did not come to rescue Mayorkas was indicative of the Democrats’ pivot against him. Durbin has tried to protect the administration’s officials’ reputations in the past to ensure the Democrats don’t look bad politically.

Mayorkas has a lot to answer for and has presided over the disastrous situation at the southern border. It is clear to Cruz and the Republicans that the border crisis is a byproduct of the Biden administration’s lack of transparency, and they will continue to hold officials accountable. Cruz’s prediction will most likely come true, and Mayorkas will be the fall guy for the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies.  

Mayorkas did not respond to requests for comment.

Written by Staff Reports

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