House GOP Puts Biden in Hot Seat, Mayorkas Impeachment Looms

Since Republicans took control of the House, there has been a strong desire among GOP lawmakers to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. They argue that Mayorkas has failed in his duty to secure the border and has caused a crisis.

However, recently there has been more attention on impeaching President Joe Biden, whom some Republicans have dubbed the “criminal in chief.” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced impeachment legislation against both Mayorkas and Biden, but her focus has shifted more towards the president. She has criticized the Biden administration for allowing an “invasion” to occur at the border. Other Republicans have also expressed their support for impeaching both Mayorkas and Biden, arguing that all officials in the Biden administration should be held accountable.

However, some Republicans are frustrated with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for not following through on his promise to impeach Mayorkas. Despite this, Rep. Chip Roy believes that an impeachment inquiry into Mayorkas should still be pursued. As lawmakers return to Washington, the focus will also be on the budget and the possibility of a government shutdown.

Written by Staff Reports

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