Biden Coughs Up $6 Billion to Iran on 9/11 for Five Prisoners!

The Biden administration, in its infinite wisdom, seems to have struck yet another questionable deal. Reports suggest that they have given the green light to a plan to hand over a whopping $6 billion to Iran. What’s the catch? Well, apparently, this hefty sum is meant to secure the release of five American citizens who are being unlawfully held by the Iranian regime.

Now, don’t get me wrong – bringing our fellow Americans back home is of utmost importance. But throwing billions of dollars at Iran, a country known for its hostility towards the United States, is not exactly the solution we were hoping for. It’s like negotiating with a schoolyard bully – you’re only encouraging more bad behavior.

This deal sets a dangerous precedent. It tells the world that the United States is willing to pay ransom for its citizens, opening the floodgates for more hostage takings by rogue nations. And let’s not forget that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism – do we really want to finance their nefarious activities even further?

It’s disappointing to see the Biden administration bending over backward to appease Iran, especially when there are so many other diplomatic tools at our disposal. This sends the wrong message to our allies and makes the world a more dangerous place for Americans abroad. It’s time for our leaders to stand up and put the safety and security of American citizens first, without making deals that compromise our principles and national security.

Written by Staff Reports

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