House Leaders Ready For WAR Over Top Committee Assignments

Hakeem Jeffries, the House Minority Leader, has selected two of his own members, Adam Schiff of California and Eric Swalof of California, to serve on the Intelligence Committee. Despite the promise made by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California, this move is not likely to be carried out. In response to the selection, Schiff took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

In his statement, Jeffries made a pitch for the selection of Swalwell and Schiff, stating that they should be given the opportunity to serve as the ranking member and chairman, respectively.

In his letter to McCarthy, Jeffries urged him to choose Swalwell and Schiff to serve on the committee. Schiff has already served as the chairman of the committee.

It has been stated repeatedly that if the Republicans take over the House, McCarthy would remove the members of California from the Committee on Intelligence. He also promised to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. According to a report by Punchbowl News, the Minnesota representative is expected to be appointed to that committee on Monday.

In his response, Schiff criticized McCarthy for setting up a committee that focuses on conspiracy theories. He also claimed that the House Speaker is damaging the country's national security.

McCarthy cited the lies that the congressman told the American people about a Ukrainian whistleblower as the reason why he refused to allow him to serve on the panel. He also criticized the Russia Collusion theory.

Users were quick to point out how absurd it was for the congressman to talk about conspiracy theories.

Swalwell also responded over Twitter, in an even whinier manner.

The fact-check that Swalwell used to criticize the Washington Post was biased and very partisan. If he wants to talk about credibility, the person who wrote it could have been part of his team.

This particular tweet, which shares the letter, suggests that Swalwell believes that he is being removed from the committee due to political vengeance. McCarthy has previously stated that he was worried about the California congressman being named to the Intelligence Committee. During a press briefing, the speaker mentioned that he received a briefing from the FBI regarding Swalwell's potential inclusion.

"Schiff and Swalwell" has been trending on Twitter as a result of Jeffries' move.

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