Tucker Exposes Antifa As Democrat’s “Armed Instrument”

On Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson referred to the radical left-wing group known as Antifa as an "armed instrument" of the Democratic establishment.

According to Tucker Carlson, the mysterious left-wing militia group known as the Antifa burned down various establishments during the summer of 2020. They were dressed as storm troopers and carried out attacks on police stations and churches.

According to Carlson, the goal of the group was to beat Donald Trump and create a chaotic environment in the country. They were able to do so through their violent actions. The appearance of the group during the presidential election was regarded as a significant factor in the outcome of the race. After Joe Biden became the new US president, the members of the group started to disappear.

Carlson noted that it was clear who the group was and how they were able to carry out their violent actions. The left-wing activist group was established in Washington, and they were known to mobilize whenever needed.

Over the weekend, police in Atlanta arrested several people following a riot that occurred after an environmental activist was involved in a violent confrontation with the police. According to the GBI, the activist was shot and killed by the police after he allegedly shot a state police officer.

According to Carlson, some of the people who were arrested during the riots in Atlanta and other areas were from privileged backgrounds. One of those who was arrested in the city was a clarinetist, and he used to live in the house his parents owned in Maine.

Carlson described the arrested Antifa member from Maine as the son of a surgeon.

Carlson referred to the Democratic Party as a party of unhappy women and weak men. He claimed that the members of the group were supported by the highest levels of the party. The host also noted that the members of the militia were immune from criticism.

Following the mass shootings at a high school in Iowa and a dance hall in California, Carlson called out the media and the Attorney General for not investigating the activities of the left-wing activist group known as the Antifa.

In response to the violent actions by the left-wing activists, Carlson suggested that the government should identify the leaders of the group and arrest them. He also suggested that the authorities should target drug cartels in the southwest.

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