House Republicans Vote to Hold Biden’s Ghostwriter in Contempt

House Republicans have made a significant move to hold Mark Zwonitzer, the ghostwriter for President Joe Biden’s memoir, accountable for his apparent refusal to respect congressional authority. On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee took a firm stand, voting along party lines to move forward on a contempt resolution against Zwonitzer. Naturally, all the Democrats on the committee opposed the measure – after all, when it comes to defending any scrape of Biden’s narrative, the left will do anything to protect their own.

If this resolution passes the full House, it would mean Zwonitzer could face prosecution by the Department of Justice for defying a congressional subpoena. It seems the Democrats believe their allies should be above the law, even when it’s about serious allegations involving classified information. 


Back in February, the House subpoenaed Zwonitzer, who has his fingerprints all over Biden’s 2017 memoir “Promise Me, Dad.” They demanded he provide records related to his work on the book, setting up a showdown that’s seemed inevitable. This request didn’t materialize out of thin air but followed revelations from former special counsel Robert Hur. Hur’s report this year uncovered that Biden had let classified information slip to Zwonitzer during their cozy ghostwriting sessions.

Zwonitzer’s legal team has remained as tight-lipped as a vault, keeping mum on the whole debacle. Surprising? Not really – when you’re knee-deep in potentially incriminating evidence, silence might seem golden.

As this story continues to unfold, it’s clear the Republicans are not backing down. They are fighting to uphold the rule of law, especially when it involves exposing the left’s all-too-frequent mishandlings. The drama continues to brew, and Zwonitzer might soon find out that ignoring a subpoena isn’t something to take lightly.

Written by Staff Reports

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