Trump Campaign Launches Fact-Check Site to Expose Biden’s Debate Deceptions

Looks like the Trump campaign just rolled out the red carpet for accountability with a new website dedicated to fact-checking Biden during debates. Biden has been in the debate game for half a century, participating in a whopping 40 debates since the Nixon era. And what’s the common trend? The website suggests those performances are a veritable grab bag of falsehoods, misstatements, and outright delusions. aims to be the go-to resource for dispelling the myths Biden spews from his podium. The site doesn’t hold back, pointing out that Biden’s debate history is littered with lies about everything from his personal achievements to inflated statistics, and even imaginary events. Forget fact-checkers working overtime; this site is designed to do it all in real-time. 


While Biden might be a seasoned veteran of the debate stage, this new digital watchdog ensures that experience doesn’t come at the cost of honesty. The Trump campaign has essentially loaded a truth-seeking missile aimed right at Biden’s record. Instead of letting the mainstream media frame the narrative, this website allows voters to see the facts laid bare.

In a political landscape rife with spin and spectacle, the Trump campaign’s initiative emphasizes transparency and accountability, qualities sorely lacking in Biden’s checkered history. As debates heat up, this site gives Americans a front-row seat to the factual accuracy of each candidate’s claims, leaving less room for Biden to hide behind his folksy charm and rhetorical flourishes.

This move not only underscores the Trump campaign’s commitment to truth but also sets a precedent for future political contests. It’s about time someone held career politicians accountable for their endless parade of misinformation. is poised to do just that, ensuring voters can’t be duped by decades-old political trickery.

Written by Staff Reports

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