House Speaker McCarthy Fights FBI Cover-Up of Biden Bribery Scheme

In a recent interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed his unwavering faith that the FBI would turn over a subpoenaed document to the House Oversight Committee. It has been reported that the FBI has refused to produce a particular FD-1023 form, which is said to contain evidence of a criminal bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national.

McCarthy, who recently spoke with FBI Director Christopher Wray regarding the document, made it clear that Congress had full oversight jurisdiction, and rightly so. Meanwhile, the FBI has yet to even acknowledge whether or not they have this document. However, McCarthy is optimistic that after his recent conversation with Wray, the House Oversight Committee will get their rightful hands on the document.

Furthermore, the FD-1023 form is of utmost importance, as the FBI generates it to document information gained during an investigation. Therefore, it is essential that the document is produced to ensure that justice prevails.

In his letter to Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, Chair of the House Oversight Committee James Comer expressed his reasoning for seeking the subpoena. He cited “legally protected and highly credible unclassified whistleblower disclosures” as the cause for concern. This document allegedly describes an “alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.”

It is a sorry state of affairs that Biden, who was previously Vice President of the United States, is embroiled in a corruption scandal. Such behavior cannot be tolerated by serving members of the U.S. government.

The FBI has stated that they “are committed to beginning the constitutionally mandated accommodation process,” and would be willing to coordinate with the staff to discuss how they can accommodate the request without violating their law enforcement and national security obligations. It is reassuring that the FBI appears to be taking this matter seriously and is making an effort to cooperate with the House Oversight Committee.

All in all, McCarthy and the Oversight Committee have taken the right step in seeking justice by subpoenaing the FD-1023 form and exposing corruption at the highest level of government. We must ensure that justice is served and the individuals responsible for criminal activity are held accountable.

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