Houthi Havoc Unleashed: Rubymar Sinks, Red Sea in Peril

The sinking of the Rubymar cargo ship is a devastating result of the Houthi rebels’ relentless attacks in the Red Sea. This event is yet another example of the dangerous and destructive actions taken by these violent extremists. The sinking of the ship, which was carrying a cargo of fertilizer and had previously leaked fuel, poses a significant ecological threat to the Red Sea and its coral reefs.

The ongoing Houthi attacks have not only disrupted vital traffic in the Red Sea, a crucial waterway for global cargo and energy shipments, but have also led to many ships avoiding the route altogether. This avoidance could result in even more extended shipping routes and increased insurance rates for vessels, potentially leading to higher global inflation and impacting aid shipments to the region.

Despite the Rubymar’s abandonment for 12 days following the Houthi attack, plans were in place to tow the ship to safety before it ultimately sank. The Houthi rebels’ false claims and attempts to shift blame for the sinking onto others only further demonstrate their disregard for truth and accountability. Additionally, the report of a mysterious incident involving the Rubymar causing harm to Yemenis further highlights the volatile and dangerous nature of the Houthis’ actions.

This latest environmental disaster caused by the Houthi militia’s aggression is a stark reminder of the need to confront and hold these violent extremists accountable for their actions. The international community must stand together to condemn and address the ongoing threats posed by the Houthi rebels, whose actions have far-reaching consequences not only for the region but also for global trade and security.

Written by Staff Reports

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