How Biden’s DHS Sec. Smuggled Over 100,000 Migrants Into The US

Alejandro Mayorkas, the US's under secretary for homeland security, reportedly smuggled about 100,000 illegal immigrants into the country through a hidden pathway.

From May to December of this year, Mayorkas reportedly allowed thousands of immigrants to enter the country each month.

The New York Times was briefed about the details of the migration pathway, which was referred to as CBP One. Many reporters were not able to explain how it worked.

Through the migration pathway, over 240,000 illegal immigrants enter the US each year. They are disguised as economically productive workers despite a 1986 ban on hiring immigrants.

This figure includes the number of immigrants who officials are expected to bring into the country annually through the migration pathway from other countries such as Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

This would add around 600,000 new economic migrants to the country each year.

This comes as many migrants are rushing to the US after a group of Republican congressmen sued the Biden Administration over its new immigration policy.

This week, hundreds of immigrants from various countries, including Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, arrived at the Miami airport. They were coming to the US legally under Biden's expanded parole program.

The migrants were rushing to the US due to the lawsuit filed by the Republican congressmen, who are trying to stop the program.

The congressmen claimed that Biden's plan would allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the country.

This month, Biden unveiled the program, which would allow immigrants to obtain work permits and stay in the US for two years.

The case was assigned to Judge Drew Tipton, who was appointed by Donald Trump. He has until April 25th to decide whether to suspend Biden's program.

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