How China Revels in Trump’s Colorado Struggles: The Law as Their Weapon!

The Global Times, China’s state propaganda outlet, has taken the opportunity to criticize America’s “chaotic judicial system” and accuse the country of using the law “as a political weapon.” They made these remarks in response to the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that removed former President Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential primary ballot. The court based its decision on a provision of the Fourteenth Amendment that has never been used before, causing many to question the legal basis for the ruling. Trump has not been charged or legally accused of any insurrection-related crimes, making the court’s decision even more questionable.

It is ironic that the Global Times would criticize the American legal system, considering the lack of due process and meaningful legal defense in China. China’s communist regime actively persecutes political dissidents and restricts religious expression. They use their legal system as a weapon against human rights lawyers and dismiss any opposition as a threat to the state. Yet, the Global Times has the audacity to condemn the United States for having disputes surrounding Trump’s campaign and for the existence of political parties like the Democrats and Republicans.

Furthermore, the Global Times predicts that Trump winning the 2024 presidential election would destroy the United States. They claim that the American political system is already on the verge of collapse and that a few more shocks could bring it down. This just shows China’s fear of Trump’s strong leadership and his ability to challenge their dominance on the global stage. It’s no surprise that they would try to undermine him at every opportunity.

However, the Global Times also acknowledges that the ruling could backfire and actually boost Trump’s support. His supporters may see the ruling as further evidence of his victimhood and rally behind him even stronger. Recent polls show that Trump is leading Biden in a potential general election showdown and maintains a significant lead over Republican primary rivals. This is a testament to his continued popularity and the strong support he has from the American people.

In the end, China’s attempts to meddle in American politics and disparage the country’s legal system are nothing more than a desperate attempt to maintain their own power and suppress any opposition. Their propaganda outlet, the Global Times, may gloat over the Colorado ruling, but it only shows their own fear of a strong and successful America.

Written by Staff Reports

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