Hudson Bill Promises Energy Relief, Awaits Biden’s Signature

Hold onto your hats, America. Common sense just made a pit stop in Washington, thanks to North Carolina Republican Rep. Richard Hudson. His determination to slash Americans’ energy bills through expanded nuclear energy has paid off as his Advanced Nuclear Deployment Act sailed through both the House and Senate. Now, it’s up to President Joe Biden to either sign it into law or risk confirming conservative suspicions about his green agenda.

Hudson’s legislation cuts through the bureaucratic nonsense that’s been hamstringing the development of advanced nuclear reactor (ANR) technology. By reducing regulatory barriers and providing much-needed certainty for commercial developers, Hudson’s bill is a breath of fresh air in a political landscape otherwise choked by red tape. It’s not just good policy; it’s a necessity for lowering energy bills, spurring American job creation, and bolstering national security.

Critics might say this is just another bill, but it’s precisely the medicine needed for our ailing economy. Americans have been forced to bear the brunt of skyrocketing inflation while the current administration parades its accomplishments on the website. Sure, Biden heralds building a “more resilient power grid” and scaling “new clean energy technologies,” but anyone paying attention knows it’s all code for funneling taxpayer dollars into the green energy black hole. Wind turbines and electric vehicles have their place, but they can’t shoulder the nation’s entire energy needs. 


Contrary to the President’s lofty claims of lowering family expenses through the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, the numbers tell a different story. Inflation was a modest 1.4% when Biden took office, skyrocketed to 9.1% mid-2022, and has only marginally dipped to 3.3%. Meanwhile, Americans are left gasping for air as they navigate higher costs for just about everything compared to three years ago.

Hudson’s bill offers something rare: a real, substantive solution. It’s about time Washington stopped peddling expensive green dreams and started focusing on practical, effective energy solutions like nuclear power. President Biden has a crucial decision to make. He can sign this bill and prove he’s serious about lowering energy costs, or he can stick to the green script and miss an opportunity to actually help American families.

In the end, it’s a clear-cut choice between endless bureaucratic delay and proactive energy reform. Let’s see if the President is ready to make the right call.

Written by Staff Reports

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