Hunter Biden Busted: Damning Message Links Joe to Shady Deals!

The Hunter Biden saga continues to unravel, and now it seems that his old messages are coming back to haunt him, along with his father, Joe Biden. It’s no secret that the Bidens have long been involved in shady government access deals, and now it’s been confirmed that Hunter’s father knew everything. This revelation comes as no surprise, as Joe is the ‘big guy’ with the power to block any investigations against him. With Hunter’s new legal troubles, this road that could lead to Joe’s rightful legal troubles has to be closed.

Hunter, who has a history of tax evasion and drug addiction, has now been implicated in an encrypted message that he sent to a Chinese businessman called Henry Zhao, CEO of Harvest Fund Management, on the WhatsApp platform. The message, which was obtained through a search warrant from IRS investigators, indicates that Hunter was putting pressure on Zhao to fulfill his commitment to pay them, as he was sitting with his father and wanted to resolve the issue before it got out of hand. The message, sent on July 30, 2017, and verified by the FBI’s confidential source FD-1023 report, proves that Joe Biden was complicit in his son’s shady dealings.

The message was obtained by the IRS, who had previously been running inquiries into Hunter’s finances. However, even though there was ample evidence that could have led to Hunter being charged in March of 2022, the Justice Department ran interference on the tax probes, with Delaware US Attorney David Weiss’s request for special counsel status being denied. It is alarming that the Justice Department is playing favorites as this shows their willingness to protect the Bidens at all costs.

Hunter’s attorney, Christopher Clark, has called the claims “very misleading” and a result of “biased and politically-motivated, selective leaks… (that) have plagued this matter for years”. However, the facts paint a different picture. The messages might be leaked selectively, but they are credible. Gary Shapley Jr., the IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent who oversaw the agency’s investigation into Hunter Biden, testified that they obtained the message from WhatsApp via a search warrant, which they used to access Hunter’s iCloud account. The messages are well within the scope of the DOJ’s investigation and provide revelations into dealings with Chinese energy companies, Biden’s source of income, and his conflicted interests.

This latest revelation confirms what the Republicans have been alleging since day one – that the Bidens are a dishonest family who have taken advantage of their positions for financial gain. With more investigations likely to come in the future, the Biden family’s overall financial dealings and source of wealth will come under scrutiny. People must realize that this goes beyond just Hunter Biden’s story, and the Bidens are a corrupt family. It’s time we hold them accountable!

Written by Staff Reports

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