Hunter Biden Joins Presidential Meeting Amid Legal Troubles

Well, isn’t this the epitome of Biden-family ethics? The White House has confirmed that Hunter Biden, the apple that apparently didn’t fall very far from the tree, was right there in the room while his father, President Joe Biden, was prepping to respond to the Supreme Court’s opinion on presidential immunity. What a show of confidence in a guy with such a squeaky-clean record.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, using the Fourth of July holiday as some patriotic smokescreen, mentioned that the president spent his weekend at Camp David after his comically one-sided debate against Donald Trump. Apparently, members of the Biden fam were planning to join him at the White House for holiday celebrations, but let’s not pretend this is just about hot dogs and sparklers.

Hunter made quite the re-entrance, walking into that prep meeting like he’s the star of a mafia movie, spending quality time with Dad in what Jean-Pierre hilariously downplays as mere “family time.” One could almost hear the nation’s collective eye-roll.

Just to underscore the kind of character we’re dealing with, remember that Hunter was recently convicted in his federal gun crime case in Delaware, with another tax crime trial looming on the horizon in California this September. But according to Joe Biden, young Hunter’s business dealings aren’t something they discuss around the dinner table. You could almost believe that if you ignore every shred of evidence pointing otherwise.

Sure, the president can wag his finger at Donald Trump for appointing Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as senior advisers, but at least they were officially on the payroll—unlike Hunter, who’s just, you know, ‘popping into’ significant meetings and phone calls willy-nilly. NBC reports this has even got some senior White House staff wondering, “What the hell is happening?” Join the club!

All things considered, it appears Hunter’s latest role in the Biden administration is an advisor of sorts—though one can’t help but sense that his guidance might be more about damage control than actual political strategy. The real question is how long will the American people continue to tolerate this circus act?

Written by Staff Reports

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