Biden Campaign’s Desperate Spin Fails to Calm Donor Angst Amid Debate Fallout

The Biden political circus continues its run with yet another fascinating display of gaslighting, this time courtesy of Jen O’Malley Dillon, the campaign’s ringmaster. Facing a blazing inferno that erupted after Biden’s disastrous debate against Donald Trump, the Biden squad is scrambling. From donors demanding refunds to disgruntled base voters and congressional Democrats quietly whispering about replacement candidates, it seems the wheels are falling off the Biden bus as it careens toward November.

The age-old issues of Biden’s health and age, always lurking in the shadows, are now center stage. For the longest time, the Biden handlers dismissed any raised concerns with their famous ‘don’t believe your lying eyes’ act. But that act was obliterated when Donald Trump clinically dismantled Biden in front of a national audience, reminding voters that Joe Biden might as well be searching for his lost dentures during a policy debate. Voters feel Biden’s too old and not up to the task. This sentiment isn’t going anywhere, particularly not after that debate—yet the Biden camp clings to the same old playbook, and surprise, it’s not working. 
Donald Trump is currently ahead, and rather than addressing donors’ legitimate concerns, Team Biden is trying to sell the laughable line that the president’s health is top-notch. Baghdad Bob would be proud.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, the campaign’s chief gaslighter, stood in front of around 500 donors trying to turn that frown upside down. She held a virtual pow-wow on Zoom, with donor names splashed across 21 pages of screen real estate, hoping to douse the flames of donor discontent. But let’s just say, her attempt to “ease tensions” and “answer questions” didn’t go over as planned. She clung to the party line that Biden’s health is bulletproof, pointing to a health report from earlier this year. According to Dillon, Biden is healthier than all of us—a statement that left donors feeling more insulted than reassured. One donor remarked how dismissive and offensive Dillon’s comments were, but it looks like that’s par for the course in Biden’s world.

Donors were not allowed to pose their own questions directly; instead, they had their queries filtered and read by staffers. Apparently, even the elites in the Democratic Party aren’t safe from the Biden campaign’s iron-fisted moderation. It’s as if being inside the Biden circle means accepting the absurd story that Biden is doing backflips while most of us are just trying to get through the day.

For those who haven’t swallowed the Kool-Aid, just peruse the fundraising emails sent out post-debate, which sound more like a hysterical meltdown than a reasoned campaign strategy. The message is clear: Biden is the nominee, no matter how old or incapable he seems. Behind the scenes, of course, there’s the unspoken understanding that the president is being propped up with a mix of Ensure and duct tape and is operational only between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.

This unrelenting denial of reality might just set the Democrats up for a spectacular failure in 2024. As someone rooting for Trump, one can’t help but chuckle and thank the Democrats for sticking with Mr. Magoo—er, Biden. If things continue along this path, one can easily foresee a Reagan-era blowout come election night. It begs the question: how long can the Biden camp keep pushing this ‘Biden’s fine’ fairy tale when voters can see right through the weak façade?

Even if you’re sipping liberal lattes, you’ve got to admit, it’s never a good sign when a campaign releases internal polling that shows they’re losing. The Biden show might be winding down sooner than they think.

Written by Staff Reports

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