Leaked Biden Memo Shows Swing States Turning Red High Dropout Support Among 2020 Voters

A leaked memo from the Biden Campaign paints a grim picture for President Biden’s re-election prospects, with swing states slipping away and even traditional Democrat strongholds like Minnesota and Colorado showing signs of turning red. The polling, conducted by the progressive OpenLabs organization, reveals a shocking 40 percent of 2020 Biden voters now believe he should drop out of the race, a major increase from earlier in the year.

The fallout from Biden’s lackluster debate performance has been swift, with swing voters overwhelmingly favoring the idea of him stepping aside. Despite attempts to downplay the impact of the debate by top pollster Geoff Garin, internal polls show Biden trailing former President Trump by a significant margin in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

Even in states that have historically leaned blue, Biden is barely holding on, with his lead in states like Virginia, Maine, and Colorado rapidly diminishing. The polling also revealed that other potential Democrat candidates, such as Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Gretchen Whitmer, and Pete Buttigieg, all polled higher than Biden when tested as replacements.

With Biden’s support eroding both nationally and in crucial states, the memo highlights the growing concern among Democrats about his ability to win re-election. The numbers don’t lie, and they spell trouble for the Biden Campaign as they struggle to retain support in the face of mounting dissatisfaction with the president.

Written by Staff Reports

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