Democratic Governors Voice Concerns Over Biden’s Lack of Communication

It seems like the Biden campaign is hitting some turbulence, stirring up concerns among Democrats. The White House’s attempt to prop up Biden with a late-night appearance and a quick tan didn’t do the trick. But really, who ever thought a spray tan could smooth over a campaign in chaos?

Democratic governors are now privately murmuring about Biden’s handling of current issues. On a call organized by Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota, the governors voiced their surprise at the lack of direct communication from Biden. They are clamoring for some face time with the President, either in person at the White House or through the wonders of Zoom. The Governors want to hear straight from the horse’s mouth instead of being left to speculate.

The meeting between the governors and the White House is set for Wednesday, as per Jake Tapper. The behind-the-scenes murmurs indicate that some governors feel snubbed by the lack of personal outreach from Biden following his lackluster debate performance. They seem keen to have Biden step up and address their concerns head-on or even consider letting VP Harris take a swing at smoothing things over.

Despite the hush-hush nature of the governors’ worries, it looks like the Biden team might be feeling the pressure. Plans for a White House powwow are in the works, though the details are still pending.

Adding to the drama, Biden’s advisers are mulling over potential trips to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It’s safe to say that Biden’s underwhelming debate showing has stirred the pot not just among donors but has also sent shockwaves through the Democratic camp. Despite efforts from the White House and the Biden campaign to douse the flames of concern, the embers are still smoldering.

Written by Staff Reports

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