Biden’s Rogue Reign Plagues Democrats as Strategy Backfires

The Democratic Party’s Frankenstein experiment is backfiring spectacularly. Man at the center of this chaos? None other than President Joe Biden. Originally conjured up to give the left permanent control over the nation, Biden has shockingly started to veer off-script. Thinking himself a monarch, with the Biden clan undoubtedly fanning his delusions, he’s become more of a rogue king than a party puppet.

Now, the Democrats scramble to mitigate the mess Biden churns out daily, attempting damage control on their own manufactured crisis. Yet, Biden is unrelenting. His latest bout of grandstanding after the Supreme Court’s decision on the Trump vs. United States case left observers chuckling instead of bowing. The irony was thick as his words seemed to mirror his administration’s misdeeds more than those of his predecessor.

Laughable hypocrisy was on full display as Biden decried the notion of America having kings, bellowing about equality before the law. This, coming from the architect of a two-tiered justice system, left many wondering if he even hears himself speak. The man who sits on a self-fashioned throne handed down his critique as if unaware of his own regime’s unchecked power grabs.

It didn’t take long for Biden’s double-dealing nature to be highlighted on CNN. Scott Jennings aptly pointed out how Biden’s regular disregard for Supreme Court decisions is a hallmark of the current administration. As if on cue, a clip circulated widely, showcasing Jennings’ reminder of Biden’s nonsensical squawk about being hindered by the Supreme Court on student loans, only to defy them with imperial gusto.

Death by his own words? Quite possibly. The Biden handlers miscalculated if they assumed this little oration would steer post-debate discussions. Instead, it reinforced Biden’s cognitive decline. His inability to string together coherent thoughts while addressing SCOTUS reflects yet again on his fitness for the presidency—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

As if to cement that point, Biden’s venomous rant against Trump put his own lack of substance under the spotlight. The spectacle was nothing more than political theater with no real payoff, peppered with recycled lies about the Jan. 6 events. To add insult to injury, Biden snubbed the press by refusing to answer questions—a move as flawed as it was offensive.

Rather than easing voter fears about his competency, Biden’s performance only stoked more doubts. Steve Cortes summed it up brilliantly on social media by noting Biden’s ill-prepared, pre-scripted remarks followed by a hasty retreat offstage. The stench of desperation is in the air. The Democrats’ kingpin is falling apart, and the American electorate can see it.

Written by Staff Reports

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