Hunter Biden’s Appeal Rejected by Judges Including Biden Appointee

In a setback for Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit rejected his appeal for gun charges. The trial is still scheduled for June 3 in Delaware, with a pretrial conference set for May 24 that Hunter must attend. The court dismissed the appeal, stating that the orders to deny motions to dismiss the indictment were not appealable before the final judgment.

Surprisingly, among the judges who made this decision were Schwartz, appointed by Obama, and Chung, appointed by Biden. Hunter Biden’s attempt at an “interlocutory appeal” was shot down, with the court emphasizing that non-prosecution agreements do not give a right not to be tried. Hunter sought to maintain a diversion agreement with the DOJ, allowing him to avoid jail time for tax evasion and having a felony gun violation wiped from his record. However, negotiations fell apart when questioned by Judge Maryellen Noreika.

Hunter Biden faces charges of false statement in a firearm purchase, possession of a firearm as a controlled substance user, and falsifying information required by a firearms dealer. The case’s development can be tracked under United States v. Hunter Biden in the Court of Appeals. It’s clear that the legal troubles of the President’s son are far from over, sparking debates about his connections and DOJ’s independence.

Wendell Husebo, a political reporter with Breitbart News, sheds light on these proceedings with a conservative slant, raising questions about Hunter Biden’s handling of legal matters. As the case unfolds, the implications for the Biden administration and the Department of Justice’s autonomy are becoming increasingly controversial. Stay tuned as Hunter’s legal battles continue to unfold in the public eye.

Written by Staff Reports

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